sorr's gaming journal
welcome to my gaming journal! this page will be a little journal of all of the games i play, including animal crossing, neko atsume, crash bandicoot, and more. thanks for reading!

goodies ahoy! i purchased more goodies to work towards my goal. i also recently obtained a memento: a fishstick board from bolt. i love receiving mementos! it motivates me to continue doing my best to make my app a very welcoming and cozy place for the cats.
items purchased: kashiwamochi cushion, strawberry cushion, bean bag

i finally purchased the yard expansion! i have had the yard expansion before on other devices when i was younger, but i just started playing neko atsume again when i got my new phone in late summer 2023. i'm so excited! i can't wait to get more cats now!
items purchased: straw basket

on my last log in to wild world, i cleaned up some weeds in my town and acquainted myself with the features of the game once more. i never realized how different the controls were in the game in comparison to new horizons. i also changed my hairstyle!
in new horizons, i demolished an old bridge and fully funded a stone bridge which is good! i am hoping to construct all stone bridges. i have to give some more thought to how i want my island decorated. i also wanted to put away some summer decorations but my storage is full...(⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠) so i need to clean out my storage too!

My Animal Crossing journey began around 2007 when I received a Nintendo DS as a Christmas gift. I played Animal Crossing: Wild World up until I lost the cartridge about three years later. From what I can remember, my most prominent memory of my childhood AC play was restarting the game several, several times trying to get the character appearance that I wanted, not realizing what answers were linked to what character appearance. (It is quite funny now that I think about it!)
The next game in my journey was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I downloaded and played it on my phone since its very first launch (2017) and still have it on my phone. I don't play it much anymore but I loved the concept of fulfilling a variety of tasks for all the villagers as well as the events! I now think that the game has too many features, but that is just my opinion. I genuinely love the game but believe it has gotten clogged with too many "pay for me!" features, so to speak.
The current stage in my journary is New Horizons. My island turned one year old last December! I also repurchased a Wild World cartridge in 2021 and have been occasionally logging in. I hope to get more active in both WW and NH from here on out!

more coming soon!
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