this is my shrine dedicated to HEARTSTEEL, a boy band created by Riot Games!

this shrine is an unproofread beta post! please be patient


HEARTSTEEL is a virtual boy band group created by Riot Games, the company behind the hit online game League of Legends. The group stars characters found in the game, including Sett, Kayn, Ezreal, K'Sante, Yone, and Aphelios. They currently have one hit song titled "PARANOIA", released in October 2023. The artists who voice the characters include ØZI (Sett), Cal Scruby (Kayn), BAEKHYUN (Ezreal), and Tobi Lou (K'Sante). Members Yone and Aphelios currently do not have voice actors.

It is unknown when or if the band will release any more songs.

member profiles

Sett is HEARTSTEEL's founder, co-leader, and rapper. Before founding HEARTSTEEL, he was reportedly dropped from his first label. He is allergic to sleeves and loves cute dogs. His mom also knit his hat! His bag contains headphones, a sewing kit, a headband, dumbbells, snacks, shirts, and a beanie. He is the tallest member of HEARTSTEEL (unconfirmed 6'7") and the best cook according to the other members. His zodiac sign is aires. In one Discord call with K'Sante, the pair discusses protein shake recipes, exercise routines, and other gym-related topics.

K'Sante is HEARTSTEEL's co-leader, first vocalist, and creative director. He was part of a duo prior to HEARTSTEEL. K'Sante likes to use cologne and claims he can bench press Sett. It is reported that his lyricism draws inspiration from R&B as well as hip hop. His bag contains gloves, an IPad and stylus, a pair of glasses, a set of keys, a book, and a bottle of cologne. Additionally, he is the second tallest of the group (unconfirmed 6'4"). His zodiac sign is leo. In one of the group's Discord calls, he tricks Kayn into doing chores for Yone.

Kayn is HEARTSTEEL's second rapper and instrumentalist. He was kicked out of his former band prior to joining HEARTSTEEL. Rhaast, his onstage alter ego, is a "rebellious and wild" character. His birthday is October 30th, making him a scorpio, but he claims it is the 31st. His bag contains a can of spray paint, earphones, pencils, matchsticks, and money. He is the fifth tallest member of HEARTSTEEL (unconfirmed 5'10") and the worst at chores. In one Discord call with all HEARTSTEEL members, Kayn expresses his desire to have a motorcycle in their "PARANOIA" music video. He does indeed get one in the video.

Ezreal is HEARTSTEEL's second vocalist. He was a one-hit wonder before HEARTSTEEL, rising to stardom with a single bubblegum pop hit titled "You're My Museum". Sett mistakenly refers to this song as "You're My Muse, Um" in a Discord call. He is a double sagittarius and always out of phone storage. His bag contains keys, sunglasses, photos, lip balm, papers, and a pen. He also hangs a small keychain plush of himself on his bag. He is the shortest member of HEARTSTEEL (unconfirmed 5'5"). In a Discord call with Sett and Kayn, Ezreal grows quite whiny, annoyed, and embarrassed when the boys make fun of his hit song.

Aphelios is HEARTSTEEL's composer and lyricist. Although he has no singing voice, he plays many instruments and is said to be the "creative backbone" of the band. Aphelios is the one who ultimately comes up with the concept for the "PARANOIA" music video after the band members began arguing about it over a Discord call. He is also the prankster of the group. His bag contains a hand piano, a diary, pens, markers, a music pad, earbuds, a portable speaker, and a snack made for him by his twin sister and band manager, Alune. He is the fourth tallest member of HEARTSTEEL (unconfirmed 6') and a pisces. Aligning with his lack of singing voice, Aphelios does not speak or sing in any official media of HEARTSTEEL.

Yone is HEARTSTEEL's producer, DJ, and self-proclaimed band mom. He was once a producer for international pop hits but "grew delusional" with the idea of success in the music industry. Yone is reportedly as cool as he looks, fueled by cold brew, and joined the band at Aphelios' suggestion. His bag, which is transparent, contains a laptop, headphones, hand cream, a wallet, pens, a power bank, a watch, and a lighter. He is the third tallest member of HEARTSTEEL (unconfirmed 6'2") and his zodiac sign is taurus. His goal for HEARTSTEEL is to produce electronic music with meticulous attention.

how i found HEARTSTEEL

HEARTSTEEL actually found me! prior to their debut, this article from the verge popped up on my phone's feed. i was curious, so i clicked on and read the article. i remember being excited about it but not doing anything more to commit myself to watching their debut.

shortly after their debut (it may have been the day of) and i most likely forgot about it, their debut song was recommended to me on YouTube. and just like that a HEARTSTEEL fan was born!

i think they were recommended to me because prior to their debut, i became a fan of K/DA as well as LoL's worlds music videos. their phenomenal craftmanship won me over and i watched them on repeat over and over again. my phone must have recorded how many times i watched these videos and thought i would most likely enjoy HEARTSTEEL. even though i pretty much despise algorithms, this time i have to thank them for leading me to this amazing group.

my change of heart

believe it or not, when i first watched "PARANOIA", i was not impressed. the song was underwhelming to me. i felt the vocals did not fit the characters, the visuals were overwhelming, and it did not have the same spark as k/da's videos in my opinion. after i had processed all of these reactions and my thoughts, i thought there must be something wrong. riot games always produces fantastic work. why isn't this piece the same? i must be missing something. in the end, i decided to rewatch it. and that was the best decision i ever could have made.

the more i researched, the more i replayed the video, the more acquainted i became with the characters, the more the beauty of HEARTSTEEL unfurled like the petals of a beautiful rare flower. these boys are truly something unique, inspiring, and beautiful!

this experience, i've come to realize, emphasizes the importance to me and to everyone reading this the importance of educating oneself on things you don't seem like or understand.

my tattoo dedication

i currently have a tattoo dedicated to my bias of HEARTSTEEL! don't worry, it's not permanent. it's a semi-permanent design i drew with a tattoo marker.

as you can see it is already starting to fade on one side. i plan to fill it in with my tattoo marker one more time before it fades.

i'm super happy with it and love sett so much! <3

more sections coming soon! —⁠☆