almost all of these resources have links to other resources!


W3Schools - A fantastic free resource I use if I have any questions about coding!

decorations and layouts - A big resource full of pixels, dividers, gifs, pngs, blinkies, stamps, and more. - A huge collection of stamps! - For dividers! - My favorite resource for all sorts of decorations - pixels, dolls, dividers, and more! - Excellent resource for layouts and basic coding instructions. Even has a layout builder and button maker. - A bunch of awesome HTML layouts! - A resource page filled with cute decorations.
spacehey layouts - spacehey profiles are based in html code. while layouts will likely not work on your website, other codes for graphics, pagedolls, music autoplay, and drop down menus should work. i learned a few html features through these postings!

mental health

International Hotlines - A listing of international hotlines if you or someone you know is in crisis.
Warmlines (USA only) - Warmlines are phone lines you can call if you need to vent but are not in crisis. Sorted by state.
Poi's Comfort Pack - A resource you can visit if you need a check-in, cheering up, or urgent help.
The Safe Place - Contains loads of information about therapy, calming resources, activites, apps, games, and more to improve mental health. questions to ask before giving up - if everything feels awful and you are not okay, try this checklist of questions.

other resources

Vegan education - Currently vegan or looking to go vegan? This resource is for you!
Plurality hub - questions about systems and plurality? this resource written by a system is a good place to start.