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figure skating
welcome to my about me!

my favorites!
animals: tiger, rabbit, dog
flowers: rose, sunflower
colors: lavender, yellow
scents: rose, freshly mowed grass
foods: peanut butter, sushi, pizza (not together!)
animanga: haikyuu!!, bnha, free!
characters: eijirou kirishima, makoto tachibana, hinata shoyo, damien lavey, sett, fluttershy, pinkie pie
games: animal crossing, neko atsume, imagine: figure skater

my ponysona!

hello! thank you for clicking on this page; i'm happy you're interested in learning more about me. you can call me sorr. i have trouble describing myself to others, so i will describe myself in two different ways. i hope one sticks with you!

my normal brain says I'm a 20-something year old person with no social life who is a sensitive and introverted creative type. in contrast, my neurodivergent brain says that i am a strawberry that lurks on the internet. i hope one of those definitions helps you get a general picture of me. overall, though, i'm just me if that makes sense. i hope that my thoughtful speech makes up for this.

to help you gain more of a sense of who i am, i will list some of my personality test results and labels! (you can also look at the blinkies marquee, stamps marquee, and quizzes scrollbox on my homepage for more!)

my mbti is isfj(-t).
my ennegram type is type two wing one (2w1).
my ennegram subvariant is sx/sp.
my zodiac sign is taurus.
my temperament is melancholic.
my alignment is lawful good. however, i do border true neutral.
my gender identity is transneutral genderfluid androgyne.
my orientation is greyaromantic androromantic androsexual (oriented arospec, nblm/nonbinary loving men).
my favorite pronouns are she/her, ve/ver, and strawb/strawbs. i do have more pronouns though, so if you'd like to know please ask!

i am a college/university student currently studying visual arts education as well! this is my passion in life.

thank you again for showing interest in me as a person and for reading this. have a great day!!

like my site? please feel free to add my button! i would prefer you host it (save it to your device and upload it to your website), but you can hotlink/direct link it if you need to.

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I am angelic !
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